Real Estate Firm Stands Out with Unique Approach to Sales, Marketing

With homes often selling in just 24 hours, the Charleston real estate market is hot. By the end of August, ...
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How to Help a Child with ADHD Adjust to a New School Year

For parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), facing those first few months of a new school year ...
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Can a Roof Warranty Save You Money?

It can be tough to decide whether to purchase an extended warranty. How many times have you bought a warranty ...
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How Early Intervention Can Help Prevent Academic Struggles


Did you know: if students aren’t reading on grade level by the end of third grade, they are likely to ...
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Back-to-School: It’s Time to Check in On Your Child’s Allergies and Asthma

Thousands of students will load up their backpacks with notebooks and pencils as they head back to school this fall ...
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5 Ways Dance Can Help Boost Kids’ Confidence

Whether they’re pretending to be a ballerina or doing the Nae Nae, there’s no question that kids love to bust ...
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4 Ways to Make Fire Safety Family Fun

The Lowcountry has plenty of museums showcasing everything from Civil War history to fine works of art. It even has ...
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5 Mt. Pleasant Must-Do’s for Families this Summer

The summer season is one of constant adventure. Mount Pleasant Recreation offers classes and events to increase learning when children ...
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‘PalmettoBabies’ born May 29 earn college cash

Expectant parents dream of a bright and successful future for their little bundles of joy as they await their arrival ...
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5 Questions You Should Ask at the Local Farmer’s Market

Communities are recognizing the economic advantages of shopping their local retailers and service providers. This buying local trend is magnified ...
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The benefits of enrolling in a virtual school

Students learn in a variety of ways. While some thrive in a traditional classroom setting, others do quite well pulling ...
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4 Ways Dance Turns You into a Pro

Most little girls will take at least one dance class in their lives. They’ll practice in tiny ballet slippers or ...
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Independent schools prepare future college graduates

This year more than 70 young people are graduating from Pinewood Preparatory School in Summerville and going off to colleges ...
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Tips for helping your child manage a food allergy

Feeding children can be tough – when to introduce solid foods, how to get a picky toddler to eat and ...
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How does Project-Based Learning prepare students for the future?

Each day, jobs that rely on real people are transitioning to automated, technological solutions, and the educational system created 100 ...
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STEAM education brings the world into the classroom

Providing students with iPads is about more than a fun perk. It’s a way to expose today’s students to global ...
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3 ways to teach children with learning disabilities

Not all children learn the same. That may seem like an obvious educational observance, but it’s tough to put into ...
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Nonprofit tasks community with breaking cycle of child abuse

In 2014, state agencies found an estimated 702,000 victims of child abuse and mistreatment. A sobering statistic for sure, but ...
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Dance students sharing joy of dancing with others

By H. A. Fisher

Last Christmas Angie Baker had the idea that some of her dance students could perform at Charleston ...
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Why does it seem everyone has a food allergy?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do more people have food allergies these days?” you’re not alone. It seems as if almost ...
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Schools emphasis total wellness over specialization

If images of gym class dodge ball and mandatory physical fitness tests make you cringe, there’s good news. Schools are ...
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7 tips for surviving spring allergy season in Charleston

Lowcountry residents have a love-hate relationship with spring. They love the warm sunshine and outdoor activities but hate the itchy ...
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Label labyrinth: Decoding the messages on food packaging

By: H. A. Fisher
Shopping for groceries can be overwhelming. Trying to balance a budget and nutrition while deciphering food labels ...
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Time to transition: How can parents find the best school?

As students move from elementary school into middle and high school, parents turn their thoughts to preparing for the future ...
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Children with jar of insects

Share your passion. Share your story.

Young conservationists Briged and Callan Potter generously passed up birthday presents, and instead asked their friends and family to make ...
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With these simple tips, grow your own camellias

Gardeners eager to add a touch of Charleston to their backyards should look to the camellia, a low-maintenance plant with ...
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Hands-on learning comes to life in local private schools

Life isn’t lived in the confines of a classroom. So it makes sense students would gain the most from experiencing ...
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Start Early in Raising Up a New Generation of Innovators

What if your 4-year-old daughter was the next Steve Jobs or Stephen Hawking? It’s possible and early exposure to math ...
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Early arts education has long-term benefits

When it comes to measuring educational achievement, educators and government officials put a great deal of emphasis on math and ...
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