Are Your Kids Ready for Bunk Beds?

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What kid doesn’t love the idea of a bunk bed? It’s a readymade fort, a castle or an up-high escape from an annoying little brother. If your kids have started clamoring for a bunk bed, you may be wondering if it’s a good fit and a safe sleeping option.

We have the bunk bed experts right here in the heart of Mt Pleasant – Maxwood Furniture, the parent company of Maxtrix Kids Rooms is headquartered right on Johnnie Dodds Blv. Here are their tips for figuring out if your family is bunk bed ready:

Is bedroom space at a premium?

If your child has a small bedroom, a bunk bed is a great way to maximize space by giving you a bed and maybe a desk or chest of drawers underneath, freeing up floor space for a play area. And if you need to sleep more than one child to a room, a bunk bed is a terrific solution (yes, a triple bunk bed does exist).

A word of caution: when combining children in one bedroom, consider their ages and sleeping habits. Will your elementary school child sleeping on the top bunk disturb the toddler on the bottom bunk?



Do you need extra safety?

Bunk bed safety options include extra tall safety rails at 14 inches plus staircases that make it easier to climb to the top. Regardless of their age, make sure your children understand how to stay safe – no jumping from the top or misusing the ladder.

If you aren’t sure whether your youngest one can handle the elevated bed, consider a bunk that can be separated into two beds. This way, you can set the beds up on the floor first and only stack them once you are absolutely sure your child is ready.



Do you like cuddling and reading before bed?

Consider a larger bed on the bottom bunk. A full size bed gives you the space to snuggle with your child for bedtime stories or an afternoon nap. For older children, a full size bed gives them more room to stretch out or you can add some extra pillows and turn the space into a couch for studying or hanging out.



Will there be a battle for the top bunk?

The appeal of a bunk bed is sleeping on the top bunk, so if you’re putting two kids in one room and both want the top bunk, what’s a parent to do? Aside from rock, paper, scissors, you could consider a corner loft that combines two elevated beds across one corner of the room. Each kid gets to sleep on the top bunk, plus you can use the space underneath for desks, lounging or storage.



Will your kids keep the bunk bed neat – especially the top bunk?

A bunk bed with stairs is a good option as parents – and grandparents – can more easily climb to the top for a cleanliness check or to change the sheets.

Plus, a low-profile mattress (5 inches) not only maximizes safety rail height and headroom at the top and bottom bunk, but also makes putting sheets much easier on the top bunk, as it’s lighter and more flexible.

Once you’ve established that a bunk bed is a good choice for your family, you can start shopping to find the bed that works for your space – and is fort-ready.



Whether you’re shopping for bunk beds, dressers or desks for your child’s room, you can find it all (and more!) at Maxtrix Kids Rooms in Mount Pleasant.

Since 2000, the family owned and operating has been designing and manufacturing high quality solid hardwood furniture for kids of all ages. Explore their beautiful bedroom sets online at or stop into the Mount Pleasant showroom today at 816 Johnnie Dodd’s Blvd, open 10am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday.

Not quite ready for bunk beds yet? No problem - at Maxtrix kids rooms you can find great standalone beds that can later be converted into a bunk - so you can have a safe sleeping solution today and a fun bunk tomorrow.