Can Chiropractic Care Get Rid of Your Migraines? 5 Things You Should Know

Migraines are sometimes excruciating and debilitating headaches that strike without warning and cause dizziness, nausea, and light and sound sensitivity. They can seriously detract from an individual’s ability to function and quality of life. 

No one knows exactly what causes migraines, but 2019 research shows that it is often associated with cervical dysfunction – problems with the upper spine. Not surprisingly, many migraines can be managed and even eliminated with good chiropractic care.

“Migraines are a debilitating condition that we treat frequently and consistently deliver life-changing results,” says Dr. Brantley Meier of The Bridge Chiropractic in North Charleston.

Here are some surprising facts about chiropractic care and migraines:

1. Many Migraines Originate in the Spine

Pressure and dysfunction in the upper cervical vertebra are often the direct cause of migraines. When the bones at the top of the neck are rotated, misaligned, or the structures around them are tight, it can cause changes in blood flow and nerve flow to the head and brain, eventually lead to a migraine. “That is why a lot of times people feel tightness, soreness, or pain in the neck as one of the first signs signaling a migraine is about to occur,” says Dr. Meier.

2. Chiropractic Care Eases the Pain, At the Very Least

“Significant decreases in intensity and frequency are the bare minimum results we accept at our office for migraines,” says Dr. Meier. Some patients with chronic migraines have even experienced complete freedom from migraines after a few adjustments. That isn’t everyone’s experience, particularly those whose migraines have a hormonal origin, but it is not uncommon, Dr. Meier says. 

3. There are Multiple Chiropractic Techniques for Addressing Migraines

Depending on the direct cause, there are a variety of ways a chiropractor can treat a migraine. If the positioning of the neck bones is the cause, Dr. Meier will adjust and realign those vertebrae to minimize the vascular and neurologic changes causing the migraines. “If the muscles are tight or the surrounding structures are the main culprit, we will utilize an array of soft tissue modalities to relax the dysfunctional areas,” he says.

4. Establishing the Cause of the Migraine is Key

Because understanding the origin of the migraine will help direct the treatment with the best likelihood of working, The Bridge Chiropractic employs x-rays and follow-up functional testing on the first visit to determine if the structures around the spine are the cause. When that is the case, they usually have good results.

5. The Greater the Intensity and Frequency, the More You Need Chiropractic Care

But, says Dr. Meier, “if you haven’t suffered a migraine in a long time, keep doing what you are doing.” When migraines start to interfere with the ability to function, that is when patients see the most improvement after seeking chiropractic treatment.

“Positive results with migraines under chiropractic care occur quickly more often than not,” Dr. Meier says.

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