It Starts With a Twirl

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A 3-year-old girl spins in her front yard, her little feet moving in circles as she twirls in the grass. Her arms flying at her side and music playing in her head. She’s carefree, unencumbered and enjoying the moment.

Walking her dog down the sidewalk is a young woman who catches a glimpse of the little girl. She can’t help but smile. Her thoughts fast-forward, thinking about how someday she just might have her own little girl twirling with abandon in the front yard.

Across the street, an older woman peers out her front window. She, too, pauses to watch the twirling. Her thoughts go back in time. She remembers watching her own daughters dance, their movements lively and smiles wide.

The little girl spins and twirls, her mother keeping a watchful eye from the front porch, broom in hand. She stops sweeping and thinks that maybe she should dart inside for the camera. Instead, she sits on the porch swing and watches, admiring her daughter’s free spirit and joy. She takes a lesson in finding happiness in the simple things, like twirling to the music in your mind.

This is what happens when someone dances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny twirler in her front yard or a professional ballerina on a New York City stage. The power of dance is profound and those watching can’t help but feel the impact.

“One person dancing can effect a lot of people in ways they don’t even realize,” says Angie Baker, owner of DanceCarolina in Mount Pleasant.

Giving children the opportunity to express themselves through dance is an excellent way to bolster their creativity while encouraging physical activity. Dance is great for young children because it gives them a way to express themselves when they might not have the words to do so.

So many children love to dance and move – it just comes naturally to them. They aren’t worried about whether they are doing it right or what other people think. They are dancing simply for the joy of dancing and expressing themselves. That delight in dancing can rub off on those watching, reminding them of the power of dance as a form of expression.

Baker said she regularly receives emails from parents whose child loves dancing around the house so they decide to pursue dance classes. Some little students soak up all there is to learn in dance class and others aren’t as excited about the structure. Either way, Baker says, she finds a way to use their energy and enthusiasm.

She knows how it resonates with those watching.

“If you are that little person, come join a community of twirlers,” Baker says. “We’ll twirl together and our effect will reach even further.”

For more than 12 seasons, DanceCarolina has been a leader in dance education in the Lowcountry. The studio is recognized in Mount Pleasant for its nationally-ranked competition team, strong ballet influence and superb classical and contemporary programs.

At DanceCarolina, children are provided with a safe space to explore, learn and gain a passion for dance. The experienced staff at DanceCarolina is committed to supporting each child’s development through high-quality dance training and mentorship.

To enroll your little twirler today, or to learn more about DanceCarolina, visit or call 843-388-9367.