The Top Five Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor is the first person many people call when back and neck issues become too painful and uncomfortable to bear. There are other reasons for an otherwise healthy adult to visit a chiropractor, however, from migraines and sports injuries to arthritis and sciatica.

“We treat all types of musculoskeletal conditions and disorders,” said Dr. Brantley Meier of The Bridge Chiropractic in North Charleston. “Our role is to improve the structural alignment and function of almost any area of the body, whether it be the shoulder, the ankle, the knee or the spine itself.”

He added that proper chiropractic care might be even more important for children than for adults, citing five major reasons to introduce your kids to chiropractic medicine at a very young age: to assure optimal function of the nervous system; to provide proper development of the spine and musculoskeletal system; better sleep; improved immune system and digestive health, and improvement in brain development, sharper focus and decreased anxiety, depression and pain.

So when should you start taking your children to see a chiropractor? As soon as possible, according to Dr. Meier. He pointed out that within a few days of being born would be appropriate.

“We have seen children the day they leave the hospital. Childbirth is one of the most traumatic experiences for the spine of a child. After such a big event, we can analyze and correct any misalignments in the spine that could possibly deter proper development for the child,” he said.

Dr. Meier pointed out that if a child’s spine is not aligned correctly, pressure on the nerves keeps the central nervous system from one of its most important functions: healing things that are wrong with the body. He said when the nervous system is communicating correctly with the body’s other systems, kids are less likely to suffer from issues such as colic, asthma, ear infections, constipation, enuresis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental delays, sleep disorders and allergies.

“To be clear, chiropractic does not treat these conditions. It only addresses the interference on the nervous system caused by subluxations of the spine,” Dr. Meier said. “This is why, after a chiropractic adjustment, patients will express that other ailments have improved. It is not the adjustment ‘fixing’ an ailment, but rather the body is now communicating clearer to the organs on what needs to heal naturally.”

According to Dr. Meier, chiropractic care helps children deal with medical issues other than back and neck pain, but it also “sets you up to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be” as you age. He said children with a properly aligned spine would suffer less wear and tear on their joints and, as a result, will grow up with better mobility and flexibility and less pain – and a vast improvement in overall health.

“The essence is that chiropractic care is responsible for removing the nerve interference, allowing the body to function at its optimal level, therefore improving a vast number of systems in the body that will lead to a much healthier adulthood and a much lower incidence of pain and injury as one gets older,” Dr. Meier concluded.

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